Places to go, people to meet, and pot to smoke! 

Join me and we will crisscross the nation talking to medical marijuana patients and dispensary owners, legalization activists, politicians, and everyday people about cannabis. 

As more and more states legalize the medical and recreational use of cannabis, what impact will this have on our great nation? Hop on in the Cannabus® and let’s go find out together! What has caused the country to return to its real roots, the healing herb? What, or who is behind the changing perceptions of marijuana? It's high time we witness 1st hand the world wide cultural shift. From Cartels to Cops, Growers to Geriatrics, from Colorado to Washington DC, we’ll talk to everyone from Patients to the President of the United States about the green scene all the while dining on local cuisine. Who knows, maybe this president will quit blowing smoke up our ass this time and inhale. 


Promoting public awareness of the hemp and cannabis movements through education. 

​​​High Intentions®

Cannabus®change the world? Weed like to think so.

   I'm a recovering alcoholic. There is no easy way to say that I had a very bad problem with drinking; from nights at the drunk tank, to a DUI, to losing jobs, lovers and friends, to being raped, to almost dying. I pretty much experienced the worst of worst when it came to addiction. ​

   Kindly fast forward if you will, it's the year 2017 and cannabis is legal in twenty-six states and the District of Columbia in some form. Three other states will join them after recently passing medical marijuana measures. Marijuana is no fad!

   I’m now 5 years sober and I owe it all to weed. It changed my life for the better; I would be lying actually,  if I said it didn't save my life. It's a new dawn, a new day. Let's blow those silly old misconceptions away!

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Samantha Myers

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